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Argentina en Python is a personal and communitary project that promotes the usage of Python as a programming language to solve daily issues for common users and also to develop powerful and complex softwares in an easy way, encouraging the collaborative learning and the Software Libre philosophy.


The method of the project to promote Python (among other personal interests) is travelling around different cities, following the energy of regional Software Libre communities and getting in contact with people interested in a course or lecture about these topics and also by simply sharing time together, talking about other activities and getting in touch with different cultures and life styles.

RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation grant $750 per month for three months to Manuel Kaufmann for a trial “Python Ambassador” outreach and education effort. The guidelines for this trial have been discussed and decided upon by the board.

—Python Software Foundation (source)

Django Girls Barranquilla

Django Girls Barranquilla

Workshop Django Girls

Python Buenos Aires

Python Buenos Aires

Meetup Python Buenos Aires

Django Girls Cali

Django Girls Cali

Workshop Django Girls

Travels around Latin America and the world by sharing knowledge, Python and its philosophy.