The Zen of Argentina en Python

This page is a translation from the Spanish one and maybe it’s outdated. Please, read the Spanish version to be up to date.

If you are a Python programmer you must know “The Zen of Python” and if not, just open a Python Interpreter and write:

>>> import this

Here are detailed some rules and properties of the proyect (Our Zen) that help us day to day to make the whole trip, in all of its directions and dimensions, a great success, do not produce stress and make all of us happy:

  1. We travel without time, but with liabilities.
  2. We never hit the road at night or if it’s raining, unless it be strictly neccesary.
  3. We check the OpenStreetMap, Google Maps and another route map in paper to be completely sure about our route.
  4. We don’t enter on unpaved routes (ground, cobblestone, etc) with “Errante”. [1]
  5. We use the Software Libre community, CouchSurfing, camping and, as last option hostel/hotel as acommodation. [2]
  6. Where possible, before hit the road, we try to have the acommodation for that night solved.
  7. Once in destiny, we avoid using the car as transport.
  8. Errante” is too much important. [3]
  9. We ask/request for complete directions: street, number and “betweens”.
  10. The events must be free (as beer) for the attendees. [4]
  11. Seat belt and “Max 110 Km/h” are a MUST.

[1] we take care of our house and transport, so we save money and we can reach more places.
[2] this allows us to share our trip, experience and knowledge besides saving our resources.
[3] we try to park the car under a roof at night, close to us or in a safe place.
[4] we also deliver events “a la gorra” (collaboration) and, in case we really need it, we could make some paid course.