The Team

This page is a translation from the Spanish one and maybe it’s outdated. Please, read the Spanish version to be up to date.

Manuel Kaufmann

Restless and fussy driver with routes, GPS and maps. Computers programmer and member of the Python Argentina community since 2006. Juggler and half unicyclist. Frustrated teacher and in active recovery. He is “humitos”.

El Errante

It’s the star of the project. From the beginning, it has given a seat for mounting a 1-place-bed on it. It has driven more than 50,000 km on the road, rain, mud, mountains and has withstood the most critical situations of the trip. However, it never let us to walk.

Johanna Sanchez

Invaluable co-pilot. Passionate chemistry and restless. Apprentice of programming and scientific in transition. Fall in love with Python Argentina community. Motivating outdated scientists and children in neuronal reproduction age through the Chemistry & Nomad project.

Although we are physically separated, we are one: “The team”

The real Team”

During these years we have been visiting a lot of cities in some countries of Latin America and organizing events related with Ptyhon and the Software Libre community. While we are who traveled from one city to another one, these are the people who have helped us to manage all of the events we have realized and none of this would make sense if we had not come across them in the cities we visited. Because of this we want to thank them in public and let them know that are part of “The Team” of Argentina en Python.

Besides, we know these people are actively searching new challenges with a lot of energy to participate in community and keep moving the wheel of collaborative learning.

Sebastián J. Seba

Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina

Python NEA, Python Argentina

Diego Puente

Corrientes, Corrientes, Argentina

Django NEA, Python Argentina

Javier Roa Benitez

Asunción, Central, Paraguay

Python Paraguay

Florencia Rosas

Mendoza, Mendoza, Argentina

Python Argentina

Lennon Shimokawa

Ica, Ica, Perú


Magalí Escobar

Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina

Python NEA, ComunidadTIC

Ariel Montenegro

Formosa, Formosa, Argentina

Python Argentina, forsol

Emiliano López

Santa Fe, Santa Fe, Argentina

Python Argentina, LUGLi

Farid Ivanir Escate

Ica, Ica, Perú

Python Perú

Rocío González Toral

Cuenca, Azuay, Ecuador

OpenStreetMap Cuenca, Django Girls Cuenca

José Miguel Amaya

Piura, Piura, Perú

Círculo de Programadores de Python Piura

Tonet Pascualet Jallo Colquehuanca

Puno, Puno, Perú

Fedora Project, Código Linux, Escuelab, APESOL

Karina Maidana

Encarnación, Itapúa, Paraguay

Universidad Autónoma de Encarnación

Agustín Fontaine

Capilla del Monte, Córdoba, Argentina

Uritorco Libre, Cooperativa Viarava

Daniela Pariona Coronado

Ica, Ica, Perú


Noemi Ticona Angles

Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Uremix, Software Libre Bolivia

Leandro Félix Rueda

Cruz del Eje, Córdoba, Argentina

Cooperativa Viarava, LibreBase Córdoba

Eugenio Knoll

Apóstoles, Misiones, Argentina

Universidad Nacional de Misiones

Catherin Ortiz

Posadas, Misiones, Argentina

Pilar Guauque Torres

Santiago del Estero, Santiago del Estero, Argentina

Amautas Huarmis

Gonzalo Peña-Castellanos

Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia

Python Bucaramanga

John Jairo Roa

Bogotá, Santa Fe, Colombia

PyCon Colombia

Juan David Hernández

Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Python Medellín

Juan Carlos Rodriguez

Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Python Medellín

Javier Daza Comas

Barranquilla, Atlántico, Colombia

Python Barranquilla

Cesar Herdenez

Barranquilla, Atlántico, Colombia

Python Barranquilla

Santos Gallegos

Cuenca, Azuay, Ecuador

Python Ecuador

Franklin Lara

Cuenca, Azuay, Ecuador

Python Ecuador

Paola Ingavelez

Cuenca, Azuay, Ecuador

Catédra UNESCO - Universidad Politécnica Salesiana

Vladimir Robles

Cuenca, Azuay, Ecuador

Catédra UNESCO - Universidad Politécnica Salesiana