PyCon Latam

This page is a translation from the Spanish one and maybe it’s outdated. Please, read the Spanish version to be up to date.

This year at PyCon USA, a group of ~10 people organized an open space to talk about the idea of PyCon Latam and share experiences about different PyCon in different counties. There were present people from México, Argentina, Dominic Republic, Uruguay, Colombia and more.

At that time, we decided to share emails and start talking about this but finally we didn’t advance too much on this topic. In fact, we didn’t even decide the way of communication that we were going to use. Finally, we arrange that the most suitable place for this would be an Slack channel inside the PSF official Slack:

Anyway, nothing happened.

Some time after that, I travelled to Python Brasil[13] and many people asked me “When are we going to have a PyCon Latam?” and I said, “Hey many people is interested on start talking on this. Give me your email and I will try to make all of you to communicate each other.”

A couple of days after this, Vandy BoBandy tweeted this and exploded:

Finally, I asked Ewa (director of operations at PSF) and she gave me green light to create this Slack channel under the official PSF Slack. So, at this moment I’m collecting the list of emails of the people interested on make this amazing idea happen to send her the list in the next week(s) to open this channel and finally make it happen :)

I hope you join us (by sending an email to or Twitter Direct Message to @argenpython) and we can work together to make this dream a reality.