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This page is a translation from the Spanish one and maybe it’s outdated. Please, read the Spanish version to be up to date.

We rolled the dice, got double 6… and came up to the board fulfilled with good news!, but first a short introduction.

Perhaps you know about us or maybe you just don’t. If you already meet us there is nothing more that to add, but if you still do not know who we are we will tell you a little about us and the reason for this campaign.

In late 2013, the “Argentina in Python” project started from scratch and without any support. During the first year, and with the help of the Python Argentina community, some small events were organized in that country. Arriving at the end of that year, I came across Johanna Sanchez in Santiago de Estero, who fell in love with the project and the Python community and a few weeks later decided to get immersed in travelling and sharing knowledge in different towns, cities, provinces and countries!. Everything got out of hand. Today we can say that we have visited more than 8 countries over the past 2 years. Incredible!

Together, we are a 3-legged table: Python community, Johanna (@EllaQuimica) and I (Manuel). Together, we have organized dozens of events Python (including 8 Django Girls workshops), we have collaborated in translation, created pages of initiation in Python as I want to learn Python and more. Event though we put a lot of effort, it emphasized that a fundamental leg of the table is the Python community, to which we return again to for help.

If you still want to know more about us and the project, you can visit the different sections of this website.

Django Girls Mendoza / PyCon Argentina 2015

Django Girls Mendoza / PyCon Argentina 2015 (this is how we get there)

What do we need? Money!

About a month ago Manuel was invited to participate as Keynote Speaker of the biggest Python conference in Spain: PyCon Es (I can’t believe it is true). Around those days, we wanted Johanna to take part of it as well. Nevertheless, we had in mind that Colombians could not go to Europe without a VISA and all the paper work and requirements to have one demands. Today, from Spain itself, and thanks to the infinite support of Juanlu from @Pybonacci, we were told that the VISA is no longer required but it’s only required a letter of invitation, a return ticket and enough money to stay are all the conditions to enter the country. So, Let’s do it!

Why do we need money? Unfortunately, we can not afford all costs that involve moving two people to PyCon Spain (October) and then to PyCon Argentina (November).

Why do we want to attend both conferences? In Spain we want to eat the world. Yes, literal!. We want to learn from others, have other flavors in the mouth, understand how events across the world are organized and more. Then mix all that with our Latino experience and apply it in South American countries. In PyCon Spain both of us will be participating as guides of the Django Girls Workshop and we will also be doing everything in our power to help apart from my talk as Keynote Speaker.

In Argentina we don’t know exactly how thing are going to happen because the organization isn’t ready yet, but if they have a group of Django Girls Workshop organizers, we would like to participate as guides and help from a distance. In the absence of such a group, it is very likely for us to create and ofter the goup of helpers as we did last year at PyCon 2015 in Mendoza. Which brought a wonderful fruit!

We will do everything in our power so that the whole”Argentina in Python” team can attend to PyCon Spain and PyCon Argentina! So, keep encouraging more people to believe themselves and organize independent events for share knowledge with more people.

How much money do we need? Approximately USD 1800, taking into account that the tickets from Ecuador-Madrid and Ecuador-Argentina are around USD 900 each one. Everything count, even the smallest amount of money can help us. We say from experience! :)

78.71 %

We have the support of the Python Software Foundation, the team of organizers of PyCon España and Django Girls Almería. Just miss you!

Thanks for reading our story and for being part of this project!

If we failed to raise funds …Shhh! we are going to raise funds completely!