Payment methods

This page is a translation from the Spanish one and maybe it’s outdated. Please, read the Spanish version to be up to date.

If you want to support the project Argentina en Python with money, you can do it by a bank deposit or bank transfer or using PayPal with an amount suitable for you -it all adds up.

Bank Transfer from Argentina

Bank: Santander Río
Account Name: Manuel Kaufmann
Account Number: 396-351904/8
CBU: 0720396988000035190486
CUIT: 20-31995222-6

Bank Transfer from other countries

Bank: Banco República Oriental del Uruguay
Bank Address: 18 de Julio 1047, Paysandú, Uruguay
Account Name: Manuel Kaufmann
Account Number: 036-0523426
Alias: 020360523426
Swift Code: BROU.UY MM
CUIT: 20-31995222-6


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(you should realize a transfer to the email

As a last favor, I ask you to send me an email attaching the ticket you got in the bank transfer / PayPal to keep registered this and you will get comments about the destination of your money if you request it.

Thank you a lot for your collaboration and helping to keep working on this project!